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You’re busy. We get it. So we’ve summed up our Terms of Service in a few simple sentences. This does not replace the official legal stuff, but it will give you an idea of what’s in there. Any questions or concerns – please contact us.

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And that’s it. Seems fair right? You do you, we’ll do us and everything will be fine.

Full Terms of Service can be found here soon please check back as we are currently working on it .
Welcome to Do Transfers

Whether it’s designing intuitive tools to get ideas on the move or building big, beautiful ads that don’t get in the way, Do Transfers has always looked at creativity a little differently.

Do Transfers’s set of tools are specifically designed to enable creative professionals to inspire, conceive, share, and deliver their work.


As Do Transfers continues to evolve, creativity remains at the heart of everything it does, inspiring the company’s mission to help bring ideas to life. Values

Good ideas deserve good company and Do Transfers has built a business with empathy at its core. Bringing offline values–like trust and transparency–online, the organization has always been about people first, creativity second, and technology third.

Committing to a better internet and a better world for everyone, the company continuously supports issues like climate change, diversity, and mental health. Commitment to the creative community.

The majority of Do Transfers's users work as creatives, and it’s this global community the company exists to support.

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